Inventive Ways to Use Campaign Week Flyers

You’ve read the manifestos, heard the chants, placed your vote. But what are you going to do with all the flyers you’ve picked up?

So it’s campaign week. You can’t walk across campus without having a flyer shoved in your face and a slogan mega-phoned in your ear. All that you’re really left with is a headache and a ton of paper at the bottom of your bag.

You might be inclined to bin the lot but think of the environment! There are far more useful and inventive ways to use the flyers (after you’ve voted of course!)


Shopping Lists

So resourceful!

No point using a whole page of A4 for a quick little list. How wasteful!

On the other hand, the flyers are perfect size for when you remember that your milk is three weeks out of date.


Paper Aeroplanes

Bored in your lecture? Get creative and get folding!

You could even use them to write little notes on to send over to that someone special a few rows in front of you. Valentines Day is next week…


Toilet Paper

Desperate times…

While it might not always be your first choice of wiping material, when you’ve got to go, you’ve got to go! Just don’t use the side with the candidates face on, bit much…


A Fan

It might not be the hottest weather right now but after a gym session or if you’re in the Amory Computer Centre you might need a little cool down.

Just fold back and forth and you’re ready to go! They’ll be the new accessory on campus before you know it.


Mini football

Up for a game of footy with the boys but lacking a ball? Just crumple up a few of the flyers and you’ve got your very own D.I.Y ball!

The AU President candidates would be proud that their hand-outs are going to such good use!