The Exeter Uni Bucket List

The top 20 things to do before you graduate.


Exams are finally over, essays have been handed in at 3.59pm precisely. Let the second term mayhem commence! However, for some of you, this will be one of your last terms at bonny Exeter so now is the time to scratch those last few things on your Bucket List.

Here at The Tab we’ve compiled you all a list of things we feel are vital rites of passage every Exeter student should do before they fly the uni nest:

1. Swim across the Quay. The more naked the better.

2. Go in the King Billy, order a pint, attempt to mingle with the locals. If you don’t return, it’s not my fault.

3. Have sex on campus. Be adventurous!

4. Do an all-nighter at the Library.

5. Play halls bingo – try and get with someone from every halls. If that’s too much for you to handle, at least go in all the halls.

6. Go on a week-long bender. Monday Mosaic,  Cellar Door Tuesday, Timepiece Wednesday, Rococos Thursday, Arena Friday, Lemmy Saturday, boozy Sunday lunch at the Impy

7. Almost get hit by a barrel at Ottery St Mary’s Barrel Run

8. Do the Topsham Ten

9. Get on Exeter: Spotted (it seems to be quite an achievement)

10. Break into your first year halls and find out who’s keeping your old bed warm

11. Go to a Varsity match and pretend you care about more than just drinking

12. Get the train to Exmouth, swim, sunbathe, drink, party, sleep under the stars.

13. Get with a cast member of Made In Chelsea, they seem to be everywhere nowadays…

14. Flirt your way to a free TP burger (it’s do-able!)

15. Get in the ‘Big Four’s DJ booths – Mosaic, Arena, Timepiece, Rococo’s

16. Wear as little as you can get away with at SSB

17. Gatecrash a social

18. Rock up to your lecture in Peter Chalk in your pj’s, teddy bear, duvet ‘n’ all

19. Finish a whole Firehouse pizza single-handedly

20. Write for The Tab!