Top 10 Ways To Procrastinate

We’re all guilty of it! Jess Rayner reviews the ‘Top 10 ways to procrastinate’


It’s that time again. Deadline season is on us once more. A seat in the library with an available plug has become solid gold and Euro Shopper energy drinks are sold out across campus. However, no matter how hard we try, we can’t help but get a bit distracted sometimes. It’s ok, I understand. In fact I’ve compiled a list of the best ways to ‘waste time’ to let you know you’re not alone…


‘Essential’ essay aid.

  1. Making lots of cups of tea/coffee/juice – takes a good 5 minutes and you NEED to keep yourself hydrated and caffeine up. Perfectly acceptable!
  2. Tidying your room, doing the washing up, cleaning the bathroom, washing all your socks – basically everything you don’t do normally. Suddenly, it becomes an urgent task that NEEDS to be completed.
  3. Perusing Market Place/Costa at the Forum. You can’t quite decide between a packet of Quavers or some yoghurt raisins. Shall I get some Red Bull while I’m here? Will a meal deal be cheaper? So many choices…
  4. Youtube. It is a never-ending resource of entertainment that you can easily waste an hour on. Try not getting this stuck in your head! 
  5. Making your Christmas List. Otherwise Santa won’t know what to get you! It’s only polite!
  6. Planning your SSB outfit – how little is too little? Might as well do a bit of internet shopping for inspiration.
  7. Hitting the gym. You can’t remember the last time you went for a run but it’s now the

    Brain food!

    perfect ‘break’ from work.

  8. Making elaborate meals! A few weeks ago, some pasta was fine. Now you’re looking up recipes online finding ‘brain food’ dinners. It’ll help your essay, right?
  9. Catching up on ANY TV show you’ve ever watched in your life. You never saw the finale of Ugly Betty… NOW is the time to watch it, obviously.
  10. Reading this article. Or just The Tab in general. As said by a friend, ‘I can’t help it! It’s addictive!’ You’re welcome!