The Tab meets… Common Goals

The Tab met up with the lovely Common Goals guys to spread the word about their great work.


Looking for some original new threads this winter? Do you also want to give back this holiday season? Then look no further!

I had the pleasure of having a cuppa and chitchat with the lovely Jack Hyde (an old Exeter student himself!) of Common Goals, the charity t-shirt project. Here’s a few snippets for you Tab readers:

Jess: So Jack, give us a quick run down of what Common Goals is.

Jack: Common Goals is a not-for-profit project that I run with Nathan Blaker of No Guts, No Glory! We approach bands, get them to design a t-shirt and the money from the sales goes to a charity of their choice. It is entirely self-funded so the more t-shirts we sell, the more bands we can get involved and the more charities we can support.

Jess: Sounds awesome! How many bands are involved at the moment?

Jack: Since June this year when we started, we currently have 3 bands designing shirts. The Cut Up’s (my band), The Arteries, a punk-rock band from Swansea and Great Cynics a folk/sometimes punk band from London. We’ve been flooded with applications from other bands to get involved but as we’re totally self-funded, we need to sell more shirts so we can take on more bands!

A selection of some of the best t-shirts on campus….

Jess: So if you could get any band in the world to design a shirt who would it be?

Jack: Billy Bragg. I think he’d be great to work with!

Jess: What charities do you currently support?

Jack: Our 3 bands chose the Motor Neurone Disease Association, Mumbles Lifeboat Station and PAPYRUS – Prevention of Young Suicide and we make monthly donations to each depending on how many t-shirts we sell.

Jess: How much money from each shirt goes to charity?

Jack: All our shirts are £15. We give £10 straight to charity and the other £5 goes straight back into making more t-shirts to sell.

Jess: And where can our lovely Tab readers get these t-shirts?

Jack: On our website , at Handmade Arcade which is running every Saturday in December or we also sell them at the band’s gigs!

These boys have some great designs while also supporting some really good causes so check them out online and maybe you’ll be re-thinking your Christmas wish-list!