Overheard at Exeter – Third Time Lucky

What WOULD your mothers think?

Once again you guys have astounded us with the things that come out of your mouths! What WOULD your mothers think?

‎From the Forum to Arena, these are the best we’ve heard of recent…


Two ‘edgy’ girls in Urban Outfitters: “I swear no shops do an extra extra small anymore. I hate England for being fat.”


Boy walking down Stocker Road: “I’m gonna pull the ‘I’m really ill with man flu’. She’ll lap it up.”


“It was so romantic, he drank a whole carton of orange juice so his sperm would taste nice for me.”


Girl in Arena: “Is it still 2012?”


Steps outside Harrison:

Engineer 1: “I’m so hungry, didn’t manage to have breakfast this morning.”

Engineer 2: “With me it’s always a toss up between breakfast and a wank.”


“I hate how you can’t be sure anything is organic anymore”


Guy walking through Forum to his friend: “I don’t really like the taste of breast milk.”


Girls talking about the benefits of exercise: “It’s nice when you run past fat people”


Two Girls outside the forum about what they’d do if they were attacked:

Girl one: “I’d just fall down and pretend to be dead or something”

Girl two: “Why would you do that?”

Girl one: “Well…no-one wants to rape a corpse do they?”


Confused looking fresh : “Where’s the.. erm… amorous building?”


Girl in the Ram: “He took me to Wetherspoons, used a voucher and I still slept with him! What’s wrong with me?!”


“Fat people should be banned from SSB. It’s a public service”


Rugby fresh in Holland: “D’you reckon you have to EG yourself when you’ve had a wank?”


“Oh man, you should’ve seen my seminar! It was like attack of the iMacs!”

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