Hogg is head PC Plod

Hogg has been elected as Police Crime Commissioner

Hogg PCC Police Crime Commissioner

The results are in: Tony Hogg has been elected Police Crime Commissioner for Devon and Cornwall.

With 190,665 votes, the voter turnout for the Crime Commissioner elections was a paltry 14.7%.

In the first round, Tony Hogg was in first place, with 28% of votes, while Tam Macpherson came in last with 2%.

The second round saw Tony Hogg beat his competitor, Brian Greenslade, and win the election with 65% of votes.

Each candidate had to pay a £5,000 deposit – they got it back if they received more than 5% of the vote and secured 100 nominations from the local area.

Devon and Cornwall is one of the largest geographical police areas in England, spanning 180 miles, and despite being labelled as one of the safest areas to live, the Office for National Statistics revealed in July that the number of recorded criminal offences rose by 5.9% in a year.

Tamsin Melville, BBC Cornwall political reporter, said: “Whoever gets the job as commissioner will be inheriting some challenges.”