Gaza Protest Descends On High Street

Pro-Palestine protest takes over Exeter.

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Close to 100 people descended on Exeter High Street yesterday to demonstrate their solidarity with the citizens of the Gaza Strip.

There were people of all ages, creeds and backgrounds hoping to inform Exeter’s public about the current crisis between the Gaza Strip’s Hamas government and Israel.

The age-old conflict between Israel and Palestine was reignited recently, beginning with an Israeli airstrike on Ahmed Jabari, the chief of Hamas’ military wing.

The current crisis is already shrouded in a swathe of misinformation on both sides, so it is difficult to hear the full story. The Exeter demonstration was an effort to show the Palestinian side.

President of Exeter University’s Friends Of Palestine Society, Reshi Sharma, said: “Everybody was really passionate about the fact that something should happen in Exeter and I think it’s because everyone pulled together that we were able to get such a great turnout today.”