A Taste of Beats and Bass

Genevieve Ladd reviews an exceptional line-up with Beats and Bass at Cavern.

beats and bass cavern genevieve ladd

Descending the steps down into the depths of Cavern, I can hear the usual beats of house music reaching up to pull people in. The doormen have already acknowledged that I am amongst the hordes of Exeter’s students which venture underground looking for something different on a night out in this relatively small student city. For us, a trip to Beats and Bass Society’s bi-weekly night on a Wednesday evening has become a tradition.

However tonight stands out with a break from the usual with an all-star line-up from 11-2. Now don’t get me wrong, this year the boys from Beats and Bass have delivered when it comes to headliners. They have already welcomed the likes of Dusky, Madam x, Dom & Roland and Xanadu.

It’s not just the signed DJs that bring the crowds down on a Wednesday night away from the likes of Timepiece, but also their resident DJs who keep the night fresh with their ever-growing skills. This night provides a night off for the household names such as Budosand 5imba though, leaving the stage clear for DJs Shark Bait (Troupe | Yoghurt Warriors) Tom Flynn (Dirtybird) and Squa (Troupe).

By 10 the atmosphere is already buzzing whilst Exeter’s own Joff takes to the decks, warming up the air of the 21 year old Cavern. The residents are all there in force to enjoy the night as punters, as well as the usual faces of the committee members. This is one of the winning qualities of these nights; seeing the guys enjoy the product of what they love to do.

After milling around taking advantage of the house vodka and whisky drinks deals, the dance floor starts to fill up with an array of students. There are new faces and the regulars which is always the case. The music pumping out of the speakers soon turns to that of Shark Bait, the first signed DJ of the night. His funky remixes which cross the genres really gets the night going as peoples feet start to itch.

Another winning feature of these nights to be well noted especially by the female gender; when approaching the dance floor you do not need to be filled with the dread of having a chino clad sports player gyrate against your thigh. You and your friends can go and throw some shapes without the ever-niggling doubt as to what other people are thinking of you. And this isn’t because everyone is far too lost in the bottom of their double rum and coke to care. It’s because the people are there for the music and to have a good time.

Back into Cavern and the main headliner Tom Flynn is now playing. Having been endorsed by Pete Tong, there is a lot expected from this DJ and producer and he does not disappoint. His house mixes get the last few stragglers out of their seats and everyone in the place can feel the good vibes. As per, the mix of genres has hit the spot when Beats and Bass hit us with one final blow.

On comes Squa, a DJ and producer relatively new on the scene. He ends the night, throwing in some mixes of classic 90s party tunes, a nice change from Buck Rodgers or Sex on Fire blaring out. You can see the passion that these guys have for their music. It isn’t just all happening in front of the decks but behind too. There is a feeling of pure enjoyment in the night. Everyone is still dancing after the lights come on and as the crowd disperses there is still a buzz and companionable goodbyes as people branch off their separate ways.

The night, as per, has been a success for Beats and Bass Society. It’s been an injection of something that little bit different for everyone before we all go gallivanting back off to Dirty Beat at Mosaic, or for the more faint-hearted of us, Ti-Pi-Fri after a night off.