What’s All The Bubble About?

The Tab head on down to Bubble Bubble Co. to find out what all the fuss is about!


I’m sure many of you have recently noticed the newest addition to Exeter’s bustling high street. With its futuristic décor with generous dashings of pink and purple, Bubble Bubble Co has been causing quite a stir by providing something completely different to our pasty-loving county.The Tab went down to investigate what all the fuss is about:

Jess : So what actually is Bubble Tea?

Dave (The Lovely Manager!) : Bubble Tea is a tea infusion drink. There are two ways of doing it; you’ve got a ‘milky’ tea which is made with tea and milk powders or a fruity bubble tea which is made with tea and fruit syrups. It started in the 80’s in Taiwan. The milky tea comes in 8 different flavours and so does the fruity.

So many flavours to choose from…

J : Do you offer all the flavours here at Bubble Bubble Co? And what are they?

D : Yes we do! Of the milk, there is the original Milk Tea flavour, Taro which is a Chinese Sweet Potato, Red Bean, Papaya, Vanilla, Strawberry, Honey Dew and Matcha Green Tea. On the fruit side we have Honey Melon, Mango, Honey Peach, Lychee, Green Apple, Passion Fruit, Strawberry and Grape

J: They all sound very tasty! What has been your bestseller so far?

D: We’ve actually had two very popular Bubble Teas, one fruity and one milky. The original Milk Tea is really where the whole idea started and that has been proven to be very popular. Our Green Apple tea with Strawberry bubbles is definitely our fruity bestseller.

J: How many flavours of bubble do you have?

D: We offer 15 which, if you mix and match with the Milk and Fruity teas, gives you around 350 different combinations to chose from!

J: Wow! Have you had good reception from the public?

D: Absolutely! People really have been taking to Bubble Tea and our Frozen Yoghurt range has also proven to be popular. We again, offer 8 flavours of the FroYo so everyone can find something they like here.

Grape tea with mango bubbles anyone?

J: Have you got any plans for expansion? We’ve heard rumours on Facebook that you’re looking into doing a loyalty card…

D: Yes! We’re currently looking into a coffee shop-esque loyalty card with our Bubble Teas so keep a look out.