The Top Five ‘Last Minute’ Halloween Costumes

The Tab brings you five quick and easy Halloween costumes and tells you where you need to go to get them. Aren’t we lovely!

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Halloween is less than 48 hours away. However if you’re a typically dis-organised student, you won’t have even considered what outfit you’ll be rocking on Wednesday. This is where I come in, your very own Halloween fairy godmother. Having scoured Exeter High Street for you, I have found five cheap and easy outfits to suit everyone. You’re all very welcome.

Red Riding Hood

This is more inventive than the standard underwear’n’bunny ears combo and is still bound to impress that rugby guy you’ve been eyeing up. How could you go wrong?

–          A red velvet hooded cloak (buy some velvet from the fabric shop and cut into cloak and hood, then sew or stick together. Simple!)

–          A red dress (Primark is your best bet)

–          White T-shirt/fabric (cut up into the shape of an apron and tie)

–          Red Lipstick

Cute Cat

Simple, sexy and pretty much the simplest outfit you could wish for. Simply puuuurfect! Just be prepared for the pussy jokes!

–          Cat ears (re-discover Claire’s Accessories)

–          Fluffy material (cut into tail shape and pin into place. Easy peasy!)

–          Eyeliner/pen for whiskers

–          Wet look leggings/ leather shorts

–          Black Vest Top

–          Your best miaow


Obvious BUT Halloween and witches go together like vodka and jelly. If you feel like being truly hideous, this outfit will allow your inner ugliness to shine through. It’ll definitely help ward off that weirdo from your seminar…

–          Black cape (fabric shop again, black cotton is cheap as chips)

–          A wig or your best back-combing

–          Black nail varnish (claws)

–          Black facepaint/a pen (spider webs on your cheek)

–          Purple/black/green dress (I repeat, Primark are amazing)

–          Long stripy socks


Hey boys, I hadn’t forgotten about you! I know Dracula may sound a little outdated but have you heard of Twilight and Vampire Diaries? Girls LOVE IT. So fang-up and channel a bit of Edward Cullen. Chat up line of the night: ‘Will you be my Bella?’

–          Black Cape (hit the fabric shop)

–          Black trousers/jeans

–          Red ribbon and gold card (for a star-shaped medallion)

–          Fake Blood (Wilkinsons for less than £1)

–          Fangs (remember to take them out for any kissing action to avoid actually biting your victim)


What better to celebrate the season of frights than being a member of the living dead? Also you’re paying homage to Shaun of the Dead, the best film ever. If that hasn’t convinced you boys, this outfit requires no effort at all. Sold?

–          White and black face paint (cover yourself in white face paint and proceed to paint black circles around your eyes. You’ll either end up looking like a panda or really dead-looking)

–          Fake Blood (be VERY generous!)

–          Ripped T –shirt and trousers (probably not your best ones from All Saints..)

Good luck and happy scaring everyone!