The Tab Visits: On The Waterfront

Looking for a perfect date location? Or just an alternative to Firehouse pizza? Jess Rayner and Iona Swannell head down to On The Waterfront.

Situated on the Quayside, with lovely views of the water and a buzzing atmosphere, On The Waterfront is the perfect place for dinner and drinks. Whether you’re looking to score on a first date or just up for pizza and wine with flatmates, Waterfront really hits the spot.

Based in the old boathouses, Waterfront isn’t your average restaurant by keeping its original charm but with a modern twist. It’s also divided into various areas, each with its own vibe; The Longboat Room seems like the ideal birthday party location (as The Tab witnessed!). The Bar area is chilled with sofas and armchairs, great for a boozy dinner or just getting boozy. We were seated in The Boat Room, an intimate area with MIC-esque decor with corner booths designed for getting cosy (and maybe a bit more…)

The atmospheric interior

Although renowned for its legendary (and huge) pizzas, the menu literally covers all tastes, from burgers to mussels and prosciutto to calamari, all at pretty reasonable prices. They also pride themselves on their locally sourced and organic ingredients so you know it’s top notch grub (and no carbon footprint guilt!) The Tab was pretty impressed by the 23 different types of pizza on offer; our favourite was the Hoisin Duck though we loved the sound of the Baked Bean and Chicken Vindaloo ones. So very student! If you still can’t decide you can even mix and match toppings so you get the best of both (though be careful what you mix!) The lovely Waterfront even give you a doggy bag for when you cant manage a whole 16’ to yourself. We’d recommend you share!

The menu literally covers all tastes

To wash down all the lovely food, there’s a huge selection of wine with a helpful tasting guide for those of us who have no idea what the difference between a Chardonnay and Sauv B is. At £13.90 a bottle, it’s not the cheapest around but it will definitely beat your standard £2.99 from Co-op. When The Tab visited, Waterfront’s Beer Festival was in full swing so we were lucky enough to test out some local ales but otherwise the offerings are what you’d normally expect and will put you back around £3.70 a pint.

While the location is beautiful and the food is certainly mouth-watering, a weekly Waterfront visit might stretch your student budget a bit too far so make it an occasion! Perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, dates or just celebrating your student loan coming in, On The Waterfront should definitely be on your Exeter Bucket List.