Overheard at Exeter: Round 2

Will you guys ever learn?


You guys have done it again. On campus, off campus, we’ve been hearing the most ridiculous things. Will you ever learn?

Here’s the round up of some of the best quotes from the past few weeks.

“So I just ran out with my underwear in my hands but then I remembered I’d forgotten the fucking cactus”

Girl in Cellar Door Loos: “I have definitely NEVER slept with anyone called Ahmed”

Guy in the Forum: “99% sure I ordered an iPhone 5 whilst drunk last night…”

A Couple in the Ram garden discussing shooting:
Girl: “I fucking hate doves I’d shoot every one I saw”
Guy: “I hit a dove once I felt so bad about it. Why’d you want to shoot them?”
Girl: “They shit everywhar, like seriously, like all over my horse!”

“So then we had sex but I wish I’d finished my lasagne first because it was cold by the time we’d finished”

Drunk fresh in Arena girls toilets : “OhMyGosh! I think I just touched Jamie Laing. I JUST TOUCHED JAMIE LAING”

Overheard in the Long Lounge:
Girl 1: Is it really itchy?
Girl 2: Yeah…
Girl 1: Thrush is like that

Rah Girl in the Library: “Im so productive when I’m in the library because I can’t get on Facebook…. Oh wait! I can get Internet! I need to tweet”

“He texted me about the first episode of Made In Chelsea and how it reminded him of me. Cringe o’clock!”

“Going down to Marks and Sparks, heard there’s some good deals on sparkling rosé!”

Girl 1: “Look at my bod!”  Girl 2: “Yeah, You don’t have a muffin top or anything!”

Girl on the phone outside Co-op: “I still cant believe he spat on your shoe! What a chav!”

Guy in Kitchen Deli : “There were no jacket potatoes left! This is basically inhumane!”

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