The Tab Visits: Urban Burger

Those who love a good burger (and, let’s face it, who doesn’t?) are in for a treat: Urban Burger, the rebranded Exeter Sausage and Grill, has landed in Exeter.   […]

Those who love a good burger (and, let’s face it, who doesn’t?) are in for a treat: Urban Burger, the rebranded Exeter Sausage and Grill, has landed in Exeter.

Formerly ‘ES&G’, Urban Burger has been open since 7th September.


Nestled amongst the Georgian terraces of Queen Street, the restaurant provides solace from the monotonous high street chains offering-half assed pizza to the masses. Boasting a creative and locally sourced menu, the family-run, independent ‘UB’ offers an eclectic selection of eats with the ability to slay hangovers and woo sweethearts alike. Far from the clichés of diner-dom, the opulent yet intimate space is a far cry from the split PVC booths and squeaking bar stools you might expect.


Without any blinking neon signage in sight, we were welcomed to table, where we

The naughty bovine condiments are available to purchase for just £6.95.

remarked immediately on the cheeky tableware: a pair of bijou porcelain cows were doing the dirty between our cutlery. After initial giggling, we remarked to our eager waitress (who, it later transpired, was the owner herself, Melissa Pearse) as to the reaction this tomfoolery usually evokes. She replied that in fact the bovine lovers are so popular, people have started pocketing them.


The staff were delightfully eager to please and sweet enough not to judge us for asking for no bun whilst purchasing three different types of fries. While waiting (hardly any time at all) for our order, we sipped on a bottle of pinot grigio and admired the customised t-shirts which adorned each member of staff.


The sumptuous Teriyaki Salmon burger is the perfect wooing dish.

In perfect time our plates arrived, decked out with not just our carbs of choice but a generous serving of greenery for our conscience’s sake. My mountain of 6oz prime Devonshire beef topped with Swiss cheese and sautéed mushrooms (aptly named the Mushroom Double Swiss) stood majestic, whilst Harry’s Teriyaki glazed salmon steamed fragrantly from his plate. French fries, proper onion rings and sweet potato chips arrived in kitsch tin buckets.

We began our onslaught with the precision of surgeons, keen to savour each mouthful. As we ravaged ourselves, dipping forkfuls of fries into every condiment imaginable, we were drawn to the challenge chalked upon the wall – Urban Burger’s own ‘ MAN VS FOOD’. Inspired by the infamous American TV show, the house challenges its contestants to consume the ‘Insane Bolt’ burger of 4 7oz jerk chicken breasts dressed with scorchingly hot chillis and eased down with generous portion of double fried fries.


If gorged in under 15 minutes, the victor’s fuel is on the house, as well as providing Exeter-wide renown in the form of a T-shirt, a photo on the website and your name immortalised on the leader board. As Harry and I struggled to finish our feast we doubted we would be worthy of the title, but probably could name a few who would, so this is us throwing down the gauntlet.


UB’s array of brulées is not to be missed.

At the chirpy mention of a desserts menu, our cravings stirred in their savoury grave.

We selected the adequately named “array of brulées” promising 3 petite pots of caramel custard joy. When the golden ramekins arrived we tapped their tops with gusto, the brown sugar shattering to our satisfaction. Spooning down the berry infused goodness we reclined into our complete satisfaction with a threat of undoing that top button.


Having sunk our bottle of Pinot, we retreated beneath to 44 Below to indulge in one of the best cosmopolitans I have ever tasted, before retiring to bed in a culinary haze – the perfect evening, some would say.


Urban Burger is located on 44 Queen Street, and is open from Monday-Thursday, 12-9pm, and Friday-Sunday, 12-10pm. Booking is advisable at weekends: call 01392 422999.