Top Ten Things To Do As A Tee-Totaler

Hate the juice or looking to shift some extra pounds before SSB season? Here’s some tips on how to maintain a stellar social life.

Drinking isn’t necessarily essential to being a student though being a tee-totaler can be tough sometimes. Here are our top 10 tips on how to have a vibrant social life without hitting the bottle.

1. Get Involved

Societies usually have lots of socials which allow you to meet like-minded people without having to get plastered. You could also get cosy with the committee and suggest socials sans alcohol. Of course it probably isn’t the best idea to join the Cocktail or Wine society…slightly counterproductive.

2. Get Out

Exeter is full of hidden gems and places to visit. Start an Exeter Bucket List of places to visit before you graduate. There’s the Quay, Firehouse (a pub yes, but its main attraction is the pizza), Topsham …the list is endless.
3. Get Fit

Join the gym and go to the fitness/dance classes. They’re a sociable environment and you’ll be able to meet tons of people. They may not drink either if they’re really trying to get fit!

4. Get Dancing

If you have the willpower to be sober, you can hit Timepiece and still have a fantastic night without getting smashed. You can laugh at everyone who can’t remember the embarrassing things they did the morning after the night before! (Done it before – beats drinking any day!)

5. Get Volunteering

The uni and city have loads of charities and causes that you can volunteer for. You can meet new people and develop a social circle based on something you feel strongly about. Plus it’ll look good on your CV!

6. Get Cooking

If you bake for your flatmates/housemates, chances are they will to be too busy eating cake to care that you don’t drink. They will love you unconditionally and they’ll owe you for all the free food. Best social weapon ever. You will be one of them without compromising yourself.

7. Get Smarter

No, seriously. We are actually here to get a degree so take advantage of your non-hungover seminar time and get ahead! You have to be sober (kind of) during lectures anyway!

8. Get Munching

Organise a nice meal with mates or have a movie night in with popcorn. Your friends will probably want a night off once in a while and it’s way cheaper than a night out.

9. Get Jammy

Go out for afternoon tea! It’s sociable and alcohol-free. It’s sure to be a hit with hungry students on a budget and you can pretend to be sophisticated. Chin chin!

10. Get Talking

It’s simple but it works. Everyone here is looking for mates and is open to meeting new people, so strike up a conversation in a queue (there are more queues than anything here), in the supermarket aisles – wherever takes your fancy! It may take a little courage initially, but people will open up easily and appreciate the random friendliness.