Football Club BUCS up

After the highs of Varsity, it’s time to take on the league

After an incredible evening at St James’ Park against Exeter City, Exeter uni football club (EUAFC) are now looking forward to their first BUCS matches of the season.

It was a hugely eventful night for the entire club, with the 18 players in the squad accompanied by the rest of their teammates in the stands who provided a raucous atmosphere.

EUAFC on the hallowed St James’ turf

But it’s back to BUCS this week as EUAFC 2nds make the journey up the M4 towards Bath University on Wednesday, with the 1sts, 3rds and 4ths following them there a week later.

The 1sts will be looking to start the season better than last year as they found points hard to come by in the early weeks. Captain Jesse Wilson is looking for the side to achieve promotion this year, and manager Dave Evans has called the squad “the strongest he has ever worked with” during his 11 year tenure with the club.

All the fans were at the other end

The 2nds start their league campaign against Bath 3rds and captain Freddie Short is expecting nothing less than a win. The 2nds got relegated last season and with the current squad, promotion is a must this season.

The 2nds and 3rds are in the same league this year and excitement is building among the players as they prepare to face each other in November.

The 1sts, 3rds and 4ths do not have a game this week and so a session in TP is almost guaranteed, especially considering beer sec Jack O’Dowd is the 3rds captain.

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