Revealed: The worst thing about Exeter

You voted, and it turns out you’re a bunch of snobs.

The results of The Tab’s survey on Exeter’s worst bits are in, and they’re unlikely to do much for town/gown relations.

With a thumping 25% of the vote, the locals have the dubious honour of being clear winners in our poll.

People have lived in Exeter since at least 250BC. To look at some of the current inhabitants, you’d think not much has changed.

But what were you lot thinking? Exeter is the birthplace of some of our greatest Brits. Swimmer Liam Tancock, Coldplay’s Chris Martin and the late Tommy Cooper have all called our fine city home.

Way out west

Running the locals a close second is the fact Exeter’s so far away from everywhere else. Obviously the three hour train ride back to the home counties has taken its toll on us world weary students.

Too hilly

In third place, with 19%, are the hills. We’re sure locals and students alike will agree that Exeter’s erratic elevations are a pain in the arse, whether you’re late for lectures or the Wurzels’ next gig at the Impy.

Over 500 of you voted. Here are the results in full.