Battle for Monday: Mosaic

In the first of three segments on Monday nights in Exeter, Matt McDonald shares 4Play’s new video on Monday nights at Mosaic.

Monday nights have been big for Exeter students since the dawn of time itself (or at least since Mambos shut five years back). In the first article of a series of three, The Tab assesses your options, weighing up the pros and cons of each of the Monday night heavyweights.

This week, it’s Mosaic, the foremost mating ground for middle-class white reprobates, that takes centre-stage. My love affair with ‘Mozzers’ began on a sour note when I went there four nights in a row during Freshers Week in 2010. But as the host social venue for my sports team, I slowly came around to the point where I was prepared to give 4Play’s Monday @ Mosaic a second chance.

Event organiser George Richardson claimed that “Mosaic’s not a night club. It’s not just a night out. It’s a way of life.” As the video below shows, he’s not wrong.

Dirt cheap Jagerbombs and Made In Chelsea cast members proved crowdpleasers for 4Play and Mosaic. But how do the opposition measure up?

Check out the Tab later in the week for Francesca Brasington and Aggie Romeril’s sojourn to Original Sin’s Dirty Sexy People at Arena, where the battle continues.