The Tab Meets Bertie Haskins

Sports Editor Jonny Buck talks lids, ladies and load-lightening with rugby union club captain Bertie Haskins.

After a gruelling and exhausting pre-season, Rugby Union are gearing up for a promising 2012/13 season.

As one of the most infamous sports clubs at Exeter University, many students take pride in the uni’s prestigious rugby reputation.  This week The Tab speaks exclusively to the club’s captain and talisman – Bertie Haskins.

He puts the B in Bnoc

Name: Bertie Haskins

Position: Loosehead Prop

Weight: 99kg

Height: 6’2

Nickname: Bertie Beats

Bio: After first picking up a rugby ball at a small school in Marlborough, Haskins came to Exeter to study Ancient History, but quickly found that rugby commitments took up the majority of his time. There is never a dull moment as club captain, as Haskins mans the difficult post of overseeing play both on and off the pitch.

Bolt time: N/A (I don’t bolt)

Drink of choice: Ribena (No added sugar)

Mosaic or Timepiece: Walkabout

Lacrosse or netball girls: Neither – he’s found the one.

Fiercest rival: Bath. The varsity is always a fierce occasion!

Toughest opponents: Hartpury, due to their dedication and high level of Rugby bTechs.

Who has the most ridiculous pre-game ritual: Certain players have been known to produce eye watering attempts to lighten their load before games . . .

Who’s got the worst lid in the team: Rob Coote

Rugby Union is a highly competitive club that fields ten teams every week. Catering both for those who aspire to play professionally, and to those who prefer a beer on the sideline, Haskins has a demanding job on his hands.

The legendary varsity game against Team Bath is set to take place in February and is definitely not to be missed. Come and join over 4000 others cheer Exeter on to victory!