Ikea eyes exe

Swedish furniture giant scouting locations for new Superstore.

Exeter Ikea

Swedish furniture giant IKEA has been looking for suitable sites to build a new superstore in Exeter.

While a spokesperson for the chain refused to identify the whereabouts of the chosen site, she did say “IKEA has been identifying sites around the country for potential stores – including the area of Exeter”.

The opening of a new branch near the town would make Exeter the retail centre of the South West, and would create hundreds of jobs for local people.

It is a prospect that has not only been welcomed by city council leaders, but also by students.

Stephanie Shields, a Biology undergraduate, said: “If the new branch is not too far away from where I live, I’d definitely shop there. Going to IKEA is always so much fun.”

There has been some speculation that the chosen area will be near a motorway.

In the summer of 2001, IKEA had also discussed plans to open a new store with Exeter’s city council. However, progress was drawn to a halt because a large enough area for the new build could not be located at that time.