So what’s wrong with the Forum?

The Forum’s transformed Exeter. But some people are never satisfied.

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The new heart of campus life

Now don’t get us wrong, we’re massive fans of the new Forum at the Tab. Not only is it helping Exeter to feel like the finished article, but the Forum has also played its part in helping us to reach the dizzy heights of the top university of 2012.

But there are just a few little (and rather big) things that really grind our gears as we rush up the stairs five minutes late to a lecture, or as we look to grab a bite to eat during lunch. Here are our top three things wrong with the Forum:

The queues at the IT help desk

The moment you step into the Forum you can’t miss the long meandering queue of students cursing that (and I quote) ‘this is a pile of shit.’ The IT helpdesk, to put it frankly, is useless. And the incompetence doesn’t end there, with one 3rd year student claiming they actually broke his laptop further whilst attempting to fix it. Make sure you’ve got a spare hour if you’re looking for help at the IT help desk. We won’t even begin to tackle the queues at Costa Coffee.


The new seats peering over the forum are great, the new lecture theatre looks sleek and the seminar rooms do the job. But for all this, the WIFI is, to put it bluntly, poor.  History student Michael Frazer said ‘it’s like getting blood out of a stone,’ and he isn’t far wrong. MyExeter is bad enough, but with slow Wifi it becomes even more infuriating.

The prices of the Forum Shop

For a shop in the heart of the student hub, the least we would expect is some cheap food and drink.  The vast majority of students that we asked mentioned the inflamed  prices as the worst part of the forum. There’s the odd item that you can pick up cheaply, but in comparison to the Premier shop in the Lemmy the prices are very steep. Exeter students are renowned for having deep pockets but this takes the mick.

Have you found anything else that bugs you? Lets us know by commenting below…