Vote: Exeter’s worst bits

What don’t you like about our town? (and no, you can’t vote for The Tab)

Former guild president Nick Davis kicked up a right old fuss last weekend when he told The Sunday Times the worst thing about Exeter was the shoddy nightlife.

Is he right?

Here we make the case for eight of Exeter’s worst features. Cast your vote at the bottom of the page and we’ll see what you hate.

The locals

Often drunk and always angry, when they’re not busy listening to the Wurzels our Devonian neighbours don’t seem too keen on our hanging around. But given the fact students make the city what it is, surely they owe us a bit more respect?

The hills

It’s a long way down

A regular complaint, but the hills are a pain in the calves. Whoever decided to put most of the uni on top of the biggest hill in the South West was plainly never a student. Late for a lecture in Newman A? Cycling from Luke’s to the rubber crumb? Probably safer to just stay at home.


The fact it’s so far away from everywhere

Miles away

Exeter was once the last outpost of the Roman Empire in Britain. Back then, it took a week to get here from London. We were the final point of civilisation before the wilds of south Devon and Cornwall. And what’s changed? We’re still at the ends of the earth, unless you count Plymouth as civilised (god help you if you do). Sure, we’ve got a few roads and a train station, but you have to sit on either of those for hours before you reach anywhere meaningful.

The nightlife

When you count them, there are actually quite a few clubs in our little town. But the problem is most of them are dives. There’s only so many times you can enjoy the smell of feet in Arena, or getting chucked out of Timepiece at 1.30am.

The Ram

Renovated last year to look like an ok Wetherspoons, the Ram is slightly more bearable than it used to be. But why can’t it just operate like every other pub in the country? Getting your food cold an hour after you ordered it is a nightmare. And as for the no snakebite rule…


One for the academics out there, the latest version of MyExeter looks as if someone designed it with their feet in the dark. If you want to check your emails, it’s probably best to book a week off your course. You’ll be refreshing the page for days.

St Luke’s Campus

Let’s face it, Luke’s is basically a boarding school for meatheads. The uni’s been thinking about closing it down for ages. Probably the only thing stopping it is the fear of unleashing sports science students on the main site. And most of us have been to better school discos than the Bop.

Streatham Campus

Nowhere near as fun as St Luke’s, on top of a hill (see above) and packed full of Rahs. Streatham’s had all the money and now the middle of it looks like a shopping centre. The people there have no idea what unay is really like.

Have we missed something? Chuck anything we’ve forgotten in the comments and we’ll choose the best of the worst.