Sexual assault on Sidwell Street

Two men have been arrested after a woman was sexually assaulted near Sidwell Street.

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Two men have been arrested after a woman was sexually assaulted near Sidwell Street.

The incident took place in the early hours of Tuesday morning near St Sidwell’s Church, minutes away from Arena.

The suspects were released on bail until 28th November pending further enquiries. Police say they are not looking for any other suspects.

This is the fourth high-profile sexual assault in the city in the last year. In December 2011 a student was attacked near campus, and in April, 26-year-old Shane Hobbs was jailed for groping a student.

Last month another woman was attacked on her way home from an Aldi store.

Despite the increasing danger, Exeter council are investing £1.7 million in a system which will turn street lights OFF between 12.30am and 5.30am.

If you were a witness in the area at the time of this incident or think you have any information that could be of use please contact Exeter police on 101.

A new website designed to help Exeter students to stay safe, Sense Exeter, was launched by the Guild’s Vice President for Welfare and Communities, Grace Hopper in the same week. The website is part of a joint initiative including the city council, the Guild, the university and the police.

Hopper told us “Due to recent events in Exeter, I saw an opening in order to do this, a need for it, for students.”

“Exeter is a very safe place and my aim this year is to ensure Exeter remains a safe and thus enjoyable place for students to study.”

The site can be found here.

The ‘My Exeter Community Guide’ advises students to “stick with your friends”, “avoid badly lit car parks, underground walkways and open areas” and if possible “get a taxi – it’s much safer”.