Rising Stars: Alex Matthews for Rugby Union

Every week we will be bringing you exclusive interviews with Exeter’s rising stars from across the university sporting board.

Despite being out of action due to injury last season, Alex Matthews is fast on the rise, and is looking at a spot in the 2nd or 3rdXV, a position he would easily have secured last year had he not been cruelly denied the opportunity by injury. This season offers Alex the first opportunity to show on the pitch the blistering pace for which he is renowned amongst the ladies of Mosaic. Alex talks exclusively to the Tab.

Name: Alex Matthews

Sport: Rugby Union

Position: Left wing

Weight: 79 kg

Age: 20

Year: 2nd


Matthews attended Pate’s Grammar School where he captained the side, and managed to secure a brief stint in the Gloucester academy. Unfortunately injury prevented him from representing Exeter at all last year.

Course: Geography BSc

Best attribute: Pace

Favourite drink: White Russian

Protein shake flavour: Vanilla

Mosaic or Timepiece: Timepiece Wednesday, although not afraid to dabble at Mosaic.

Lacrosse or netball girls: Not that fussy.

Blonde or brunette: See above.

Describe yourself in 3 words: Lazy, Impulsive, Rapscallion