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The time is nigh. As the end of term looms, The Drop is pleased to present the hottest lecturer of the year award, celebrating those who put in hours of work for us and still get our hearts racing in the process. Check out our shortlist, and then vote on the poll at the bottom of the page. We may have missed a few hidden gems across campus, and if you think we have – comment below or tweet us @exeterdrop.




Johanna Harris



















A hugely popular choice on the lips of most English students: both male and female. It’s not uncommon to hear guys claim they ‘only attended that lecture’ because Johanna was leading it. She specialises in renaissance literature, but we love Dr Harris for more than her sonnets.

Best feature: Got to be that soft voice that brightens up even the dullest of lectures.



Derfel Owen


























Student Experience and Participation Development Manager

His job is to make sure we enjoy our uni experience, and boy do we when Derfel is around! We'll participate in anything he has planned. 30-year-old Owen is also an accredited Kennel Club judge, but he's certainly no dog himself.

Best Feature: That cheeky smile is sure to make you sign up for anything Derfel's involved in.



Francesca Stavrakopoulou











Theology and Religion

Another popular nomination, Prof Stavrakopoulou is the professor of Hebrew Bible and Ancient Religion at the University. She's even a star of the small screen, as the face of BBC documentary Bible's Buried Secrets.

Best feature: Her youthful looks. Students who attend her lectures say she seems so young it’s almost as if she is ‘one of us.’



Will Page
































Guild Officer for Representation


OK, so he's not a 'lecturer' as such, but Will is the Guild Officer for Representation and is an important link between University officials and us students. After our twitter feed was inundated with requests for pics of this charming gent, we were left with no choice but to include him. Charlotte Ej Knipe told us that he was ‘sooooo fiitttt,’ while another fan called him "a big fat slice of 100% man meat." And those are just the messages we can print…
Best feature: His boy-ish looks and evident charm. Will would certainly do well in Arena.



Emma Cayley





















Head of Modern Languages

Labelled a ‘sweetheart’ by all who know her, Emma Cayley leaves you weak at the knees every time she strolls into the lecture theatre. If you had the chance to marry one of these nominees, it would surely be Dr Cayley.

Best feature: It's got to be that smile.



Henry Power

















Uber-hunk Henry Power has graduated from both Oxford and Cambridge, but we love him for much more than his brains. He bears a striking resemblance to funny man David Walliams, and he commands twice as much female attention.

Best feature: One of the best lids that we've seen.

Who is Exeter’s fittest lecturer?