Nutrimunch your way to your summer bod!

Nutrimunch is a local, student based business that will help you get fit and trim!

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With summer fast approaching, many students are looking to improve their body by getting fitter and healthier.
Nutrimunch is a free website, set up by Exeter University students, to give you access to “goal focused meal plans provided by people like you” to help you on your way to that ‘summer bod’.
Although only in its prototype stage, with the official website launch in Autumn, it’s already packed with meal plans.
I quizzed Will Jones to find out more about this innovative new company.
Sanya: How did you come up with the idea?
Will: What was to become ‘Nutrimunch’ was created during a Launch 48 event held in the Innovation Centre at Exeter University. Co-founder Alex O'Mahony-Zed pitched the idea for an online nutrition service after discovering that there were no free-access websites able to provide people with all of the scientific facts, resources and motivational support needed for individuals to achieve their personal weight management goals. A passionate team was formed around this idea and through a lot of brainstorming we began to refine our service and discuss how the business would operate from a financial perspective.
Sanya: Why did you decide to make it free, rather than charge a small fee for it?
Will: We don’t think that there should be a financial barrier separating people from our service, it should be available to everyone as it supports good health. If our site proves popular and a large user-base is developed, we will be able to monetize the site in several ways.
Sanya: What kind of reaction have you had so far?
Will: The Alpha site has been released and our friends and family have been really encouraging. But also the reaction from experienced entrepreneurs has been really inspiring and motivating. Elliot Kember, world-renowned web app developer from Riot said “they’re taking something that usually costs a lot of money, making it more efficient, and making it available to all people”. We also have some very talented and powerful mentors; Stuart Noakes founder of TCL and uTest and Chris Prescott co-founder of Fantasy Shopper. These amazing entrepreneurs are an incredible resource and we have very much enjoyed being able apply their knowledge and experience in our company.
Sanya: Would you say the site is primarily aimed at men?
Will: We have noticed that most weight loss and nutrition sites are primarily geared towards woman so we would like our site to have a strong male user base. However we want to build a community that everybody feels a part of.
Sanya: The idea of the "fridge" people can access on their phones is really useful; how exactly does it work?
Will: The idea behind the ‘fridge’ is that it will serve as a virtual storage place for the meal plans that users choose to follow. Initially, access to the virtual fridge will be available through the website but after the completion of the beta site we will develop an app that will enable users to have easy access to their daily meal plans, on the go.
Sanya: Are you planning any promo on campus that people should come and have a look at?
Will: As 4 out of 5 members of the NutriMunch team are students we are constantly promoting our site and want as much feedback as possible from Exeter students. There will potentially be some future promos on campus during the autumn term that you guys will have to look out for!
Sanya: What's your favourite meal plan on the website and why?
Will: I personally love “caveman weightloss”. It is based on the ‘Paleo’ diet, which advocates the benefits of eating like our hunter-gatherer ancestors. ‘Paleo’ meal plans can lead to very effective and relatively quick weight loss so it is great that they’re being shared on our site.
You can follow Nutrimunch on twitter @nutrimunch or like their facebook page as well as have a look on their website to keep up to date with their progress as well as checking out their meal plans!
And remember, it’s totally free and you’d be supporting a budding, Exeter based company.
Nutrimunch are actively encouraging any meal plan submissions, so if there’s a diet you swear by send it into their website.