The Drop Visits…Tea On The Green

9/10 for Tea On The Green



The Drop made the short trip across town to the Tea on the Green cafe/restaurant this week, and we were thoroughly impressed.
Nestled in the corner of the Cathedral green, the restaurant boasts spectacular views across the greens and the formidable Cathedral itself.
The place has a really cosy feel: it’s almost as though you’ve entered someone’s house as a warm and friendly atmosphere greets you. Tables are sprawled outside, and indoors there are two rather small floors with a windy staircase that wouldn’t look out of place in Gryffindor common room.
We arrived knowing very little about the place. It was better this way, for we went with no stereotypes and no preconceptions of what to expect.
The first thing that’s obvious is that particular care is taken to make the guests really feel at home, and with lots of family’s and older couples enjoying their food there, it’s really refreshing to get away from the hectic student lifestyle and into the sleepy tea on the green.
We met at 830am, a time that, firstly, should probably be made illegal to all students. But we quickly awoke from the hazy slumber when the food arrived.
We went for just two dishes: ‘The Ulster Fry’ with everything you’d want in a fry up and more, and something a bit different: scrambled eggs with smoked salmon.  
The Tea on the Green prides itself on sourcing all of their ingredients locally, and this really sets it apart from its competitors.  
The menu specifies which meats are locally sourced and they’re always emphasising the quality of their meat: everything is free range.  
At  £8.75, ‘the Ulster Fry’ is for those who feel particularly ravenous in the morning.  The full English is two pounds cheaper, and I would probably recommend this, simply because I’d like to shake the hand of anybody that finishes the ‘Ulster Fry!’
The standard of food is impeccable, and whilst the only downside is that it’s a little more expensive than the bog standard Weatherspoons, the phrase ‘you get what you pay for’ rings true here.
The tea isn’t just about large fry ups though, they offer just about everything you could think of for breakfast, plus a full lunch and afternoon tea menu.
It’s particularly popular with the more refined locals, who often like to visit the Tea on the Green just for a relaxed tea or coffee.
But whether it’s a humongous fry-up you’re after or just a relaxed tea overlooking the cathedral, this is the place for you.
Drop rating 9/10