The Cancelled Exam: The Verdict

Do you agree with the Universities decision?

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After the controversy surrounding the cancelled exam on Fridaya group of students and staff met yesterday to discuss the action that they will be taking.


Two Business School exams were affected: BEE2022 Microeconomics and BEE3028 Economic Issues: Theory and Practice.


These exams were scheduled for 09.30 – 12.30. The fire alarm sounded shortly after 12.00.


The Business school confirmed the information we released yesterday.


The email contained these vital points:


The School will mark the exam papers of all students, including both those who had already left the exam hall and those who were evacuated due to the fire alarm.


For those students who had not finished and who were evacuated we will add an additional 5% of the mark achieved to their final exam mark.


All students will be informed of their marks as early as possible, and we plan to issue these to you by the end of this week.


We will also hold a new examination on Thursday 31st May. All students will have the choice of accepting the mark for the first exam paper, or of taking the new exam on 30th May.


Once you have received your mark, if you chose to take the new exam on 30th May we will ignore the mark you got for the original exam.


A third exam will be held in August as normal. This exam can be taken by any student who fails their first exam as a resit, or by any student who does not want the affected exam attempt to count, but who can not attend the exam on 30th May.


The University also had this to say:

The fire alarm disruption is extremely regrettable, but the physical safety of you all has to be the first priority for the University and the decision to evacuate the exam hall once the alarm was sounded was unavoidable…'


We are sorry that it has taken until now to decide what we should do next, but we needed to consider very carefully what impact our decision would have on all students in all circumstances, and we also needed to consult with your student representatives and with other members of the University.’


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