The Forum: Falling Apart?

Everything’s broken in the Forum.

Exeter fault forum


The bombardment of "Building News in Brief" e-mails we all begrudgingly received made it clear that the completion time for the Forum Project was at some point in 2012, probably.
Having left Exeter as a building site before Easter, many students were delighted to return to see that the airport departure lounge had suddenly sprung up, making Streatham Campus feel much more like a University and less like we should be walking around in hard-hats.
However even in the first few days following the Royal visit, it became clear that the project had been rushed to make way for Her Majesty.
Print-stations collapsed at a vital time for many students, meaning that we were forced to run around from Amory to the IAIS in order to find a working printer.
Worse was the complete closure of the Exploration Lab, a brand new room sporting ten multi-touch surface PCs, allegedly costing around £3,000 each.
Within a few days the room was re-opened, but many of the high-price devices still showed nothing but the blue screen of death.
In addition, there are the little annoyances like the breakdown of all three of the Forum's revolving doors at different times during the same week.
So, from the people who brought you sofas with plug sockets in them (revolutionary!), here's a £48 million refurbishment that spends most of its time broken, bringing new light to the old phrase "if it ain't broke, don't fix it."