Man Versus Booze allegedly hospitalised

After downing 2 pints of absinthe, MvB was allegedly hospitalized last night.

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The viral sensation that is ‘Man Versus Booze’ was allegedly rushed to hospital last night after attempting to down two pints of absinthe.
However, it has now been confirmed that the news was a hoax, engineered to stop students from copying his actions.
The news was posted on his Twitter and Facebook pages by his house-mate, who said:
‘This is MVBs housemate – he just got rushed to hospital having attempted 2 pints of Absinthe, please anybody thinking about copying him think again, it is stupid and dangerous and not worth it. Please pray for him. I'll keep you updated.'
His housemate than tweeted this morning, confirming that MvB is recovering in hospital:
‘GREAT NEWS: MVB is recovering well after suffering from acute alcohol poisoning. He is smiling and surrounded by friends and family. Thanking everyone for their overwhelming support and hoping to be out soon, apologies to anyone who feels he doesn't deserve NHS treatment #humbled #MVB’
He received over 600 000 views in the first three weeks that his first videos were posted.
His identity is largely unconfirmed, but many have watched as he completed series after series of virtually impossible drinking tasks.
Some of these included drinking 70cl of tequila, 3 litres of white ace and a bottle of port. All of these are done ‘on the head’.
His videos on youtube have reached hundreds of thousands of views and he is a popular internet sensation with students across the country.
It has been confirmed that he attends Leeds University, but in all of his videos his identity is hidden with a black balaclava.
After doing some digging there are no hospital records of him being admitted to hospital last night, and Leeds University has confirmed it was a hoax.