Fire Alarm Leaves Students Fuming

Microeconomic’s exam cancelled.




A 3 hour Microeconomics exam containing over 300 people was cancelled today as a fire alarm wreaked havoc in the great hall.


The fire alarm allegedly went off in the kitchens and subsequently the whole building had to be evacuated.


The exam had just 30 minutes left to run and as all students were asked to evacuate the building, University officials decided they had no choice but to cancel the exam.


Students are uncertain how the exams will now be marked, or whether there will be re-sits. Tod Kaplan of the business school called it a ‘disaster’ upon hearing the news of his second year Microeconomics exam.


One student remarked: 'The microeconomics exam is one of the most difficult to adjust for in such a difficult situation. Some students had already left the exam, others had not transferred work to the answer sheet while some would have made a big push in the last 20 minutes. No-one could think of any fair way to mark the exam and a re-sit would be hugely inconvenient'


Rob Graham, a second year student who was present in the exam, said: ' It was potentially just a bit of misfortune, but then again having the exams in the same building as the RAM was an accident waiting to happen. For all we know, someone could have burnt some toast…it was the fact that we were standing around for 50 minutes when we have another 3 hour exam tomorrow that annoyed me.'


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