RAGGIES saddle up for fundraising adventure!

Exeter RAG embarks on huge mission to raise funds for Help for Heroes

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If you were on campus on 13th March, chances are you heard the blood-curdling screams of various students having their legs (and chests, eyebrows etc.) ripped off.
That was all part of this year’s International Event – an annual project executed by Exeter RAG to raise funds for a selected charity.
That isn’t all that the 15-person team has done in aid of the venture.
They’ve been working tirelessly, on bingo nights, Krispy Kreme sales, and various other events all in the name of charity.
The biggest effort the team is making, however, is the flagship event – a 4,400km cycle from London to Istanbul.
The team will set off from Westminster Abbey in July, crossing two different mountain ranges and essentially traversing an entire continent.
This is the biggest international RAG event to date, and team leaders Charles Griffin and Ollie Cooke have certainly got their work cut out.
The team are raising cash for Help for Heroes, a charity which aims to help rehabilitate wounded soldiers returning from conflicts overseas.
Regardless of your feelings about war, it’s impossible to deny the necessity of the charity and the great work it has done since its establishment in 2007.
The group of 15 will endure huge inclines, painful chafing, and blistering heat to raise awareness for this cause and raise funds for the charity.
If you’d like to donate to the team, you can visit
www.justgiving.com/teams/London-Istanbul2012 and choose your favourite student to donate to.
You can also follow the team’s progress and get information about events at www.facebook.com/London2Istanbul and www.twitter.com/London2Istanbul