The Drop Meets…Hannah Berney

The Drop brings you an exclusive Interview with Exeter Uni’s very own Talent Star

Hannah Berney The Voice

The Drop is pleased to bring you our exclusive interview with singing sensation, Hannah Berney.


Exeter University’s own Hannah Berney wowed judges on BBC’s talent programme ‘The Voice’, in particular attracting the attention of  Tom Jones and The Script’s Danny O’Donoghue.
The cheerleader chose Danny to be her coach, and tells us at The Drop how it’s all been going!
SB: What's this week been like for you?
HB: Exciting, overwhelming, lush, wicked. INSAAANE. I've loved it, and finally can see a music career glistening in the distance. I've been doing this for 5 years in and out of studios, gigs, competitions, video shoots and finally it's coming together. Seeing myself on Page 4 of the Sun was a shocker though. Scary, scary stuff.
However, since the audition I've got rid of my fringe, and so no one has recognised me as yet. My highlight was being interviewed on Sunday morning after the show at 7.30am, along with the Pudsey the dog and owner from BGT on Radio 5 Live.
SB: How are you feeling after all of this?
HB: A bit shell shocked, but very excited. Whilst it wasn’t my best performance (my nerves betrayed my voice, and I was surprised at how still I stood!), it’s been so overwhelming and lovely to have so many people support me and take the time to get in contact and congratulate me. I’m now busting to get on with the next round!
How did performing feel? And when you were waiting for a judge to turn around?
HB: I've never been that nervous! I was pretty chilled backstage, singing to myself, thinking I had ages. Then suddenly I was up next, and I’m not going to lie, I had a little freak out.
When I was finally singing I thought they’d never turn round. But I thoroughly enjoyed performing! When Danny and Tom did turn, I went a bit potty with relief, blubbed on national TV and forgot my mother’s name.
Considering I’ve been singing for over 10 years and I’m semi-professional, you’d expect a bit more decorum. But I don’t think I realised how much I’d invested in that performance until it happened.
SB: Why did you decide to go on The Voice, as opposed to other talent shows?
HB: The Voice is both credible and an incredible platform from which to learn so much, and to launch a career in such a hard industry to break. With other talent shows, I either wasn’t personally ready to go national with my singing; or rather, I was focused on other areas, such as my song writing. I’ve also only been solo for a year (Hannah was previously in a band), so talent shows didn’t really accommodate that.
SB: If you could have picked any of the four judges, who would it have been?
HB: I own an album by all of them, have covered at least one song by all of them, have seen some of them live and have respect for them all. I would have been pleased with any of them! When I chose Danny it was because I admire the production, song writing and direction of The Script. Despite feeling like a Welsh traitor for turning down the legend that is Sir Tom, I had to make the right decision for me musically and push myself outside my comfort zone.
SB: Who are your musical influences?
HB: Before I list all my idols, don’t judge me, whilst I love loads of golden oldies and current classics I don’t believe you should ignore the magic that was the music of the nineties and the sound track to my childhood.
In no particular order; Billy Joel, David Gray, Gavin Degraw, Beyonce, Joni Mitchell, Stevie Wonder, Rihanna, Ugly Duckling, Jason Mraz, Barenaked Ladies, the Spice Girls, all the Disney Musicals (I truly believed I was one of those back-up singers in Hercules for a long time).
SB: Are you planning any gigs in Exeter soon?
HB: Today I headlined with Adam Isaac, also in The Voice and part of Mama Stones, at the Food Festival. I’m also majorly looking forward to singing at Exeter Cathedral on the 21st of April with the EMG Symphony Orchestra. Hopefully I’ll be able to gig at my homeland Mama Stones at some point too!
In case you missed her, here is Hannah’s audition.
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