Exeter’s SIFE group impresses on a National Level

Exeter Uni Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE) team have made it to the 2012 SIFE UK National Competition.

National Competition SIFE


SIFE, an organisation that combines business skills with charitable work, has over 1600 university student led teams across the globe.
Since its formation at the beginning of the year, SIFE Exeter has been active across all three of the University campuses and has signed up 119 members working on 11 community and commercial projects.
The group has raised more than £6000 in their first six months and has gained grants from Wilkinson, Centrica and Enterprise Rent-A-Car.
SIFE Exeter’s key projects are:
‘The Expowerment project’ is aimed at the homeless to improve their budgeting, tenancy and a range of CV and interview skills.
‘The InTouch project’ helps unite the elderly with their loved ones through simple technology, such as Skype and Email.
‘Reach Out-Reach In’ is a commercial project focusing on rejuvenating the local high street of Exeter.
‘The Links project’ aims to help rehabilitate and empower ex-offenders in the local Exeter area, by running CV classes and Interview workshops in the prison.
‘The Act-ivate project’ involves running drama workshops for children with social needs in order to empower them and make them feel more socially comfortable.
‘The Exeter Careers Springboard project’ involves coaching school leavers aged 16-20 who are currently un-employed, not in education or training (NEETS) to help them achieve their short and long term goals.
‘The SIFE Sustainability Handbooks project’ involves launching an online handbook (and potentially an app) by students for students, containing ways to be eco-friendly and save money. There will be sections on energy efficiency, recycling, travel, tips from politicians and business leaders, and top eco-friendly places to eat, shop and visit in Exeter.
The national competition takes place on the 18th and 19th April and will involve the SIFE Exeter team having to deliver a presentation to a panel of leading business people and graduate recruiters.
Rishit Radia, SIFE Exeter co-president said “SIFE is a great platform to work with a group and create something. It has incorporated a proper structure to help students make a change, while giving students a chance to develop skills to become socially responsible business leaders. It is a great platform to turn something you are really passionate about into an actual project.”
Jess Drew, SIFE Exeter co-president added "I'm so proud of our team for what we have all achieved this year. It is fantastic to see what students alone can achieve in their communities! A brilliant end to a brilliant year.”
If you are interested in joining SIFE, or want more information on it, follow this link: