An ExeterDrop Warning

Student house broken in to by previously featured "third wheel".

breakin criminal Exeter glass student

Having reported on 24th March on the shocking incident of the Exeter “third wheel”, the ExeterDrop sadly reports that the same man broke into the featured residence at around 11pm last night.


The English student, who previously suffered his refusal to leave the house, suffered the terrifying ordeal alone.


He charged upstairs and attempted to break her bedroom door down in order to retrieve an item he had left behind.


“I can’t remember how this happened, but the intruder managed to get my phone number, and started contacting me about picking up his driving licence.

This carried on every day since the first intrusion. I tried to get him to pick it up from me in public places, though he never did, saying he was too busy. I didn’t want to face him alone.”

During the afternoon of 30th March the student started to receive more messages from him, questioning whether he could come to the house and get the I.D.


“I was nervous about seeing him, especially as I’m the only one staying here for Easter. So I replied that no one was in, saying I’d gone home, and that he’d have to wait until I returned.”

The man continued to pester her, questioning whether she was sure no one was in the house.

“I started to panic, and made sure that I kept all the lights off downstairs.”

Frightened to leave her room, the student locked her door and placed a clothes horse in hallway.

Later that evening loud knocks were heard on the front door, followed by shouts through the letter box. At no response from the student, who sat terrified on her bed, the glass panel was smashed and the house entered.


“I couldn’t move. I just sat frozen as I heard his steps rushing up the stairs. Suddenly he was throwing himself against my door. I had told him I’d left his licence on my desk for safe keeping.”

The student called 999, desperately trying to keep her voice quiet in fear of the criminal hearing her.


Eventually he left and within minutes the police arrived.

“I called one of my housemates to let her know what had happened, and she alerted a mutual friend still in Exeter to check I was ok.”


DNA evidence and the licence have been retrieved by the police.


Nothing has been taken from the residence by the intruder.

The ExeterDrop wishes to reinforce the dangers of letting strangers into your house, and to remain vigilant at this time.


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