Overheard at Exeter-Take Two

Everytime I watch The Lord Of The Rings I get a fat stalk on!



As Exeter begins to empty for a month as the student population scurries back home for Easter, the last week of term has brought a smile to our faces at the Drop.
We’ve heard some totally ludicrous drunk (and sober talk), and it seems apparent that you have too.
You are our eyes and ears, so we’ve handpicked our favourite ‘Overheard at Exeter’ quotes that you’ve sent us this week.
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Guy walking up Victoria Street: ' Every time I watch The Lord of The Rings I get a fat stalk on!'
Overheard by Tesco in town: ‘I might start bringing a banana to Rococos. Then I can eat it suggestively and I might pull.’
Rah guy in the queue for the burger van outside Timepiece: "Do you think they have a card machine? I don't do cash."
Guy walking down the high street: ."..and he was so pissed off he couldn't even finish with bashing one out…'
Local #1 to Local #2: "What was that thing that happened when Hitler was alive? The Holocaust? Yeah that thing."
Heard at the bar in the Ram: ‘I woke up with my bra in my handbag, lost my knickers.’
Girl walking away from Queens: ‘Darling, I’ve spilt red wine all over my revision notes.’
Boy at coffee and cake: ‘What do you mean you’ve run out of smoked salmon?!’
Kid in the Library: ‘I want dragons to exist, more than Jesus himself!’