Fuel Panic

Fuel runs low and panic spreads across the UK

fuel shortage

Petrol stations across the UK saw staggering queues and the pumps beginning to run dry under the pressure after Cabinet Minister Francis Maude controversially suggested people begin to stockpile fuel. His advice has now been withdrawn but those with only half a tank are being encouraged to be sensible and fill up.

There are fears over fuel tanker driver’s striking over their pay. A discussion will be held on Monday.

Facebook newsfeeds have been filled with statuses and photos of busy forecourts as students rushed to top up their tanks before heading home for Easter.

Second Year Alex Auger said “I got there around 12pm and there were two stations opposite each other with queues out both ends, but most of the pumps had signs on them saying fuel was out. Customers were all a bit chaotic and rushing to find a free pump, staff just looked exasperated! Today both stations are closed funnily enough!”

The Tesco in Exe Vale was closed before noon as supplies ran out and numerous stations, such as Sainsbury’s in Pinhoe, were running short of diesel. The Esso station in St David’s was particularly busy.

People are not just filling their cars; thisisexeter.com reports that Halfords has reported that sales of fuel cans are up 225% compared with this time last year with motorists buying in "the thousands".