The Intern

Whilst in Paris, The Drop met Matt and Ro who have set up The Intern, a fashion magazine for young men..

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Matthew Burt and Rohina Kumar are both students doing their internships in Paris this year and meanwhile have also set up 'The Intern' which is an online fashion magazine aimed to target young men – a must visit for Exeter boys!

The Drop managed to grab a moment of their time to talk about mens fashion and the magazine…

Drop: When did you become interested in fashion?

Ro: It’s the family business so I've always been kind of aware of what’s going on but i think it’s such an exciting industry to be in at the moment -because of the role that social media is playing- watching a live stream of a catwalk show as it happens!

Matt: I never really was interested in fashion- your typical rugby boy, living in the same pair of jeans and a hoodie. When I started hanging out with creative people I realised appearance mattered as a point of self expression and there was more to getting dressed then just having a shower and grabbing the nearest t-shirt!

Drop: What gave you the idea to set up 'The Intern'?

Ro: The magazine has evolved dramatically from when it first started. Matt had been writing for a men's style blog and it made me realise that whilst girls have a ridiculous amount of magazines telling them what to wear, where to buy it, guys really didn’t have a lot. Sure you’ve got GQ but it’s totally unaffordable for students and young professionals. And it’s not like anyone reads FHM for the fashion tips… There was a gap in the market for a fashion magazine for young, cool guys.

Matt: We decided to take advantage of the easiest platform available to us; the internet. And actually, being online is what has made us so unique; we include videos and music clips in the way that you would share them with your friends so the magazine is an interactive experience.Plus we feature products that are directly linked to online stores- letting you buy what you like as soon as you see it- no print magazine can do that.

Ro: The name "The Intern" actually came from the idea that we’re young and we’re learning.

Drop: What kind of person are you targeting in the intern?

Both: Young, broke, clueless? No, we’re kidding, we’re targeting the growing generation of guys who realise that it’s ok to care about how you look. Having said that, we firmly believe that money can’t buy style. It’s more then just fashion- we’ve got lifestyle content telling you about the best bars in London and features about new music that we love. And all of the editorials are by young talented photographers- who often don’t get the platform to showcase their work.

Drop: What part of the site would you say was a must visit for the boys back here in Exeter?

Both: There’s a link to the latest issue of the magazine which you should obviously read but check our Tumblr for street style inspirations.

Drop: Future aspirations?

Both: A lot of people are talking about print and whilst we still believe that’s relevant, we want to focus on what makes us unique; being online makes us accessible and easy to share. We’re also working on an app.

Drop: If you could name a couple of must have staple items every guy should have in his wardrobe what would they be?

Matt: A quality pair of sunglasses. But not so expensive that you care if you leave them on the table of a cafe in Barcelona.

Ro: I really love the dapper look- when guys get suited up and make the effort, so I'd say a well tailored blazer is key- even just to throw over a t-shirt.

Matt: Chino shorts are going to be really important this summer, especially if it stays as hot as it’s been lately.

Ro: A leather jacket is a lifetime investment piece

Drop: Any future predictions for up and coming trends?

Both: It’s all wrapped up for you in the April issue of the The Intern- we’ve done a spring trends special!

Make sure you check out the website especially you boys! To download the latest issue click here: