Laura Johnson: Raped Before the Riots?

Exeter student involved in the riots allegedly raped just weeks before.

laura trial


Another twist has materialised in the trial of Laura Johnson.
As her trial continues, she has recently told the jury that two men raped her on July 14th, and as a result her mental health was ‘worse than ever’ during the London Riots.
She claims that she told her boyfriend at the time, but did not have the strength to report it to the police.
Along with this, Miss Johnson, who split up with her boyfriend during this traumatic period, claims she had attempted to kill herself six times, but denies making up the allegation about being raped.
The prosecution had challenged her claim that she was raped, saying that she ‘had made it up to bolster her defence that she acted under duress.’
Miss Johnson denied this, claiming that she was good at hiding her own feelings.
Whether this is the case remains to be seen, but the prosecution has questioned why this has only been revealed at this late stage.
Laura had been treated for mood disorders and was prescribed anti-depressants and sleeping pills to help her deal with the breakup.
Of the six attempts she made on her own life, she was admitted to hospital on three of those occasions after purposefully overdosing on her medication.
The case is set for an interesting climax, as Laura Johnson's argument that she was acting 'under duress' will no doubt be challenged by the prosecution. 
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