Exeter resident jailed after leaving Cannabis growing manual in the car

Police cracking down after the recent raids.


Exeter resident Michael Sutton has been jailed for growing cannabis in farms across Devon.

Police seem to be cracking down on drugs after the raid on Little Albert Street just three days ago.

However Sutton may be kicking himself after being caught because he left a cannabis growing manual in the passenger seat of his car.

Exeter Crown Court was told Michael Sutton had two farms, both of which were situated in Devon. The police found all the evidence they needed when his details were found among foliage and growing equipment a friend had dumped on him.

But we’re not just talking about a couple of plants. At the largest farm in ‘Kennford,’ near Exeter, the police found 243 plants with a value of almost £40,000.

Two other people involved in the drug operation were also sentenced.