Four police vehicles occupy Newtown road after alleged cannabis raid.

albert street

Four police vehicles, including one riot van, are currently parked on Albert Street in Exeter following a raid of an alleged cannabis farm.

Police were alerted to the scene after allegedly two men used a van to batter down the door of the residence earlier this morning.

One Albert Street resident said that locals "had all known for some time. Many of us had contacted the police, who said they had known about it and were waiting for a warrant.

"Though it might look like a police raid, it wasn't. There must have been loads of stuff, but it's all gone now and we're all very relieved. It's not what you want happening in a built up residential area in broad daylight."

Charlie Timms, 2nd year Geography student and resident of the neighbouring Belmont Road, described how "the whole area has been smelling funky for weeks. Not the kind of thing you want this close to student housing, that's for sure."


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