8,000 Student Details Leaked By Student Finance

Thousands of student email addresses have been released into the public domain…

breach leaked

Thousands of students may be sleeping a little uneasily tonight after a recent revelation that thousands of our own personal details have been released into the public domain.

More than 8,000 students have had their email addresses leaked in what Student Finance England has called ‘an administrative error.’

On Monday, a rather routine email was sent out as a reminder to students that had not yet completed their grant applications for the next academic year. But they were in for a little surprise as a document containing the email addresses of all students was attached.

Unsurprisingly, Student Finance England were quick to defend themselves, and the only action they can really take is to apologize to the thousands of students whose email addresses were made public information.

A statement released by the Student Loans Company (SLC) read:

“We are sorry that a number of student email addresses have been included in an email which has been sent to other customers. The integrity and security of student accounts and the protection of personal information is vital to us and we apologise to all of the students involved.”

Those students who have had their details leaked have been informed by the SLC.


So check your emails, you don’t know what you might find.