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Rachael Holmes reaches the final 30 of the Curvy Kate competition

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Curvy Kate is searching for a new model to be the 'face' of their company during 2012.  The Star in a Bra competition champions the use of curvaceous role models and attempts to make women feel secure about their body-regardless of their size.

Rachael Holmes, a second year studying Maths and Management has taken the plunge and has reached the final 30 of the Curvy Kate competition. 
We spoke to Rachael about her motives for applying and her advice for any other women insecure about their body shape:
"The competition is a really good opportunity to support curvy girls and a positive body image. I was always very insecure about my big boobs growing up and it wasn’t till my late teens that i really started to feel comfortable and confident about them. I want other girls to realize that curves are sexy and size 6 is not the norm!"
On their website, Curvy Kate outlined the significance of the competition…
"Our model search isn’t just a one off – it’s here to stay to prove how gorgeous the shapely figure looks in lingerie – boobs, bums and all. If you can wear Curvy Kate lingerie – you’re in!
Lets all get behind Rachael here: