Overheard at Exeter

The best quotes from around campus, in Arena…in fact across all of Exeter this week

Exeter overheard

Beneath the façade of the ‘perfect’ Exeter student (one who attends every lecture and does all their reading for their seminar the next day), I think we all know the truth.


We’ve had Adam Lax’s take on TP Wednesdays and the ludicrous (but entirely true) events that happen behind Little Castle Street, but now Exeter Drop will be providing a regular account of the best lines that have been overheard on campus, outside Arena…in fact all over Exeter.


Behind the exterior Exeter Drop knows that everybody has said some funny and rather stupid things from time to time. We are just here to report the best quotes that we’ve heard this week. 


"Ugly people really stand out in Exeter." 


Rah girl #1 to Rah girl #2: "Why don't they just knock down all of old Lafrowda, then no poor people will even TRY to come here."

In the RAM: "Omg this University is a joke, I mean, no room to stable my horse with the Polo Club, what is this, a second rate polytechnic?"
Girl in the library: "I really should have worn knickers to the library; anyone who didn't know me would think I was a slut!"
Girl outside Queens: "Oh my God, last night was so bad…I threw up on a tramp."
Guy in the queue for Arena: "In the north, do they still have toothpaste in lead bottles?"
Guy outside The Monkey Suit: "I can’t wait to go to Magaluf! I can’t pull here but I must get some out there… mustn’t I?"
Anon: "Is the process of seducing a ginger different from seducing a normal person?"
Anon: "I’m telling you, nipples are way more sensitive than legs."
Guy in Rococo's smoking Area: "I went to pick up the soap, but I thought things like that only happened in prison?"
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