Ram Tops Drop Poll

The on-campus pub dominates poll with 35% of the vote.


When you've got that irritating hour-long gap between lectures that doesn't leave you enough time to head home and follow Damian Jeffries' cooking tips, there is only one real answer to your rumbling tummy: the Ram.

The on-campus pub, situated in Devonshire House, came out with 35% of the vote, beating its nearest contender, not eating at all because everything's too expensive, by 46 votes.

To deduce why this is, we asked Ram regulars and other Exeter students whether they agree with the result.

Guild President-Elect and Ram employee Nick "Welshy" Davies was unsurprisingly in favour, saying "Since the renovation, the popularity of the RAM has increased, and struggling to find a seat during the busy lunchtime hours has shown this. The management have worked hard to improve the menu, adding more variety as well as sourcing as much as possible locally. The RAM's weekly specials always prove to be popular, and further the choices available to all who use the Ram. Together, it has all certainly helped the venue secure its place as the best place to eat on campus."

Second year Economics student Callum Ross agreed, claiming that the Ram "is like the uni's own Spoons, but without the locals. I can't get enough of the chicken bite basket with extra cheese."

Second year historian Mairi McIver is another Ram lover, describing it as "a great place to waste an afternoon that you'd previously set out to finish that essay for the deadline the following day. The food is decently priced, and exactly what you'd want from a student pub."

In contrast, tennis extraordinaire George Hackett questioned whether the redevelopment had improved the pub, stating that "while my favourite dish is the bacon and brie sandwich, now they've done it up, that really discourages all dayers, which is a shame."

Tom Goulston, 3rd year International Relations also took issue with our poll, stating: "The prices are questionable. Some dishes you feel ripped off on, whereas others you're definitely getting your money's worth. For instance, nachos are huge but the quantity of say, scampi is dubiously tiny."

What are your views on the Ram? Comment below and let us know.