How To Become A More Interesting Person, or What’s On In Exeter

Henry Coulshed previews cultural events for the week ahead.

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March 19th-25th

Sick of the same old clubs with their bodily odours and adhesive floors? Undernourished by a diet of watery house music and sickly urban pop? Fear not! Here before you is a guide to some of the meatier cultural entertainments on offer in the fine city of Exeter in the coming week…

Monday sees two competing events from the university's most groove-inclined societies. If you're really keen, you could run between the two. If you don't feel like dancing (no sir no dancing today), perhaps a Polish film about WWII?

Jazz Orchestra and Soul Choir present ‘MOVE ON UP’ at The Phoenix
Two of the university's most bum-shakingly, finger-waggingly good bands presented as a twofer, guaranteed to please your ears and shoes.
7:30pm, tickets £5 from Phoenix Box Office or the band. Some tickets on the door.

-Exeter University Big Band at Timepiece
In their own words: “the greatest hits of jazz, swing, funk and groove -from Frank Sinatra to Michael Bublé and everything in between” – this promises pop jazz goodness.
8.30pm, FREE.

-In Darkness at The Picturehouse
Set in Nazi occupied Lvov, Poland, this film tells the true story of a woman who finds a group of Jews living in the town's sewers. Oscar nominated in 2011 and likely to be dark yet inspirational.
5.45 and 8.45pm. Student Tickets £3 (Half-Price Mondays), or £6 same times every day until Thursday.

Hurrah for diversity: Sensitive jangle rock, Devon-based theatre, cult cinema, or all night DJs in a cellar? You decide!

-Los Campesinos! at The Phoenix
Having just released their 4th album, chances are that if this is your thing you already know Los Campesinos! That's their own exclamation mark by the way. If you haven't heard them and are into sensitive young man indie rock, surf your way across the internet and have a go.
Doors 8pm. Tickets £10 from Phoenix Box Office.

-Devon and Demelza at The Bikeshed Theatre
Satirical play about sisters and the lengths they will go to to protect their threatened garden. Darkly humorous I expect judging from the blurb on various websites, if not its still The Theatre and you will have a Nice Time.
7.30pm. Student Tickets £7. Same time every day until Saturday.

-Repo Man at The Picturehouse
Picturehouse says: “a genre-busting mash-up of atomic-age science fiction, post-punk anarchism and conspiracy paranoia, all shot through with heavy doses of deadpan humour and offbeat philosophy”. It's a cult classic, and when else will you be able to see it in all the splendour of the big loud exciting cinema screen?
9pm. Student Tickets £6.

-Thick As Thieves Easter Blowout at Cellar Door
Many many DJs playing actually good electronic music with plenty of that bass that everyone's talking about these days.
8.30pm (until much past your bedtime, around 4am). Tickets £7 reserve or on the door, if you come silly late (2am) apparently tickets will have gone down to a fiver.

Wednesday is good for those of you into art…

-La Grande Illusion at The Picturehouse
Classic 1937 WWI drama -Two French officers are captured and sent to a POW camp. Camaraderie ensues. A masterpiece of French cinema which you will later scoff at people for not having seen.
6.10pm. Student Tickets £6.

-False Awakening at Cellar Door
Theatre with Teeth present a devised piece based around everyone's favourite subconscious activity: dreams. They promise “a spectrum of psychotic atmospheres using innovative and surreal modes of representation” but I'm sure it will be enjoyable nonetheless.
7pm. Tickets £4, email [email protected] to get them. Also on Monday and Tuesday.

Film of historical and cinematic significance anyone? A quieter and more memorable evening than whatever else you might want to do…

-Great White Silence at The Phoenix
Documentary film released in 1924 with the first recorded footage of Antarctica. Made by Herbert Ponting, who travelled with Robert Falcon Scott on his Terra Nova Expedition but remained at base rather than accompanying the expedition to the South Pole and to their deaths. Introduced by a member of the Royal Geographic Society and with live soundtrack by Stephen Horne. Shiver in amazement.
7.30pm. £4

The 23rd will have ears all over the city ringing with pleasure. Embrace the weekend with wonderful wonderful music.

-Liz Green at Cavern
Very talented and interesting new bluesy folk (the trad-influenced storytelling kind) singer-songwriter. Her songs are woozy and are sure to swirl some magic around the close walls of Cavern. Recieved masses of critical acclaim for her new album Oh! Devotion. Check her out on
Doors 7pm. Tickets £8 from Cavern

-London Zoo (LDZ) and Hidden Riddim at Cavern
Playful, layed-back UK hip-hop with great flow – if you dig Roots Manuva you'll love it– check them out they're actually brilliant –
After Liz Green, around 8pm. Tickets £4 from Cavern.

-Philip Clouts Trio at Bikeshed Theatre
Inventive and fun jazz with piano, bass and vocals, influenced by Latin, Klezmer and Afro-Cuban music. All for a single pound. Dig down your sofas.
10pm. £1.

-Chimaira at The Phoenix
Noisy noisy hardcore. The high ticket price is to compensate the abused bass drum and vocal chords. Expect vigorous dancing.
Doors 7.30pm. Tickets £16 from Phoenix Box Office.

Arts and horns and hats…

-Arts on the Move at Poltimore House
Mini arts festival with theatre and music at a big old Heritage listed estate near Exeter. Especially recommended if it's sunny. Probably go well with a gin & tonic.
Bus leaves at 5.30pm, comes back at 9.15pm. Tickets £3.50 from

-The Haggis Horns at The Phoenix
These new funk chaps have played with some big names, from Amy Winehouse to Mark Ronson to Corinne Bailey Rae. Now they take their own material on the road. Should be tight as.
8.30pm. Tickets £7 from Phoenix Box Office.

-Magic Hatstand's QUIRK! at Cellar Door
Hats, glitter, and unspecified “musical treasure”. It's mainly about the hats though. If you like hats, go along. By all accounts the Magic Hatstand put on excellent nights, and I'm sure this will be no different, being as it is in the hip young Cellar Door.
9pm until 3am. Tickets £5 on the door.

Sunday is THE DAY OF REST. For God's sake be reasonable and have a nice cup of tea and an early night.