Entering Exit

Editor Matt McDonald strays away from the usual haunts to explore a new night down at the Quay.

cellar door exit

The symptoms have been there for a while: the sneakily increasing drinks prices in Mosaic. The fact that anyone other than a fresher in Rococos belongs on some kind of register. That. Smell. In. Arena.

The diagnosis is simple: Exeter's nightlife needs a firm kick in the yam bag. For many, Thick As Thieves down at Cellar Door has offered a fresh fortnightly alternative. But as of last Tuesday, a crew of particularly dodgy individuals started up Exit, making Tuesday nights at Cellar Door a weekly 'must attend'.

I grabbed a word with Bradley Vanstone, one of the aforementioned shady characters, to see whether it was worth the daunting taxi fare.

MMc: So Brad…a new night in a great location. How is Exit different to Thick as Thieves?

BV: Thick as Thieves has undoubtedly re-shaped Exeter's nightlife and is the best night in town. Exit will look to build upon this success, and will offer those who felt that the music for TAT was too niche a chance to try out The Cellar Door.

MMc: Why do you think Cellar Door has become so popular?

BV: Aesthetically it's the best club in town, the DJs have a repertoire of more than twenty songs and play good music all night (there’s no mention about the charts/top 40), and to top it all off the drinks are pretty cheap aswell. People always want what they cant have and since The Cellar Door has become pretty difficult to get tickets for it has made alot of people curious.

MMc: When I first attended Cellar Door, I found myself leaving my house at 8.30 to join a queue for an hour. How do you seek to tackle the entry problems?

BV: We don't think the problem is necessarily going to go away until the Cellar Door completes the extension upstairs. It will then be able to hold 400/450 people which will massively improve the queuing situation.

MMc: What's your favourite track at the moment?

BV: Laura Jones – Love in Me (Eats Everythings Loving re-work)

MMc: And, as the edgy chancer you are, you must have a current favourite mix?

BV: Yep – 5imba Feb 2012 mix http://soundcloud.com/5imba/5imba-feb-2012-house-mix

The queue wasn't as bad. The drinks were just as cheap (£1.50 Jagerbombs and vodka caramel shots for a £1). The music was just as dutty. Move over old guard: Exit is here to stay.

The next Exit will be on Tuesday 27th March at Cellar Door.