Fire breaks out on Well Street

Fire in rented property tackled by two fire engines earlier this evening.

fire chimney

A fire broke out in a privately rented property on Well Street earlier this evening. Alerted by passers-by who saw smoke, two fire engines arrived by 5.55pm to combat the fires.

Thought to have started from the town house chimney stack, a crane was used by firemen to reach the top of the house in time to save further damage. After a day of sunshine, many students hardly noticed the fire as they were returning home this evening. Rachel Arnison, a second year Law student and resident of Well Street told the Drop: “I hadn’t noticed anything unusual. I just looked out the door and saw flashing lights. It was certainly a shock”.

With two fire engines on the scene within the hour, the situation was under control swiftly and no-one was hurt. Fireman Lee Blackburn informed us that “fires are a high risk in student properties, particularly in chimneys”. As many properties in Exeter have used or disused chimneys he advises that “they must be swept twice a year by a qualified chimney sweep”.

Unlikely to be at the top of your domestic duties, maybe this is something to question your landlord on next time he/she pops round.