How to beat the Mid Year Blues

Have a pint of Guinness…it’s good for you!


I know that i'm not alone in stating that this is a horrible time of the academic year, so this is why we at Unifitness have sourced out 8 stress busters, all costing under a fiver. Whilst they may not be the healthiest, we aren’t just about the body, a healthy mind is just as important and being happy is a key contributor to this!

1. A (large) glass of Argentinean red wine, darker ones such as malbec contain the highest levels resveratrol, which is an antioxidant, this is found in wines which grow at high altitudes. Another benefit found in red grapes is melatonin, which is ideal for beating the blues.
2. A pint and a half of Guinness on St Patrick’s Day! Studies showed that small quantities of stout could decrease stress and help metabolize carbs more effectively. So on the 17th of March, cheer up and lose weight!
3. Read a newspaper! Studies have shown that more knowledgeable humans find it easier to make friends, and those with fewer friends can increase levels of the stress hormone cortisol. So read up and earn the respect and admiration of your peers.
4. Go to the cinema! I know plenty of people who say they don’t go often enough and Orange Wednesdays are ideal for this. The excitement of a first date or just the change of scenery from your desk will do wonders for your well-being.
5. Coloured socks! Apparently seeing different color in your day can have some profound subconscious effects, for example red will give you an energy boost and green will increase happiness!
6. Sex! You all knew it was coming (no pun intended) a sweat filled quickie will boost you immune system and reduce stress, this is done by producing oxytocin which will smash any stress levels you may have. The fiver expenditure is for the condoms, always be safe!
7. Cheese. Parmesan is one of the best foods for beating stress; it contains high levels of tryptophan, which is perfect for improving your mood!
8. Finally, music. For a pound a track here are Men’s health’s top rated chilling tracks: Massive attack- teardrop, I monster- daydream in blue, Jakatta- American dream, Groove armada- at the river and Moby- why does my heart feel so bad?
So, what are you waiting for, if your dissi due date is getting on top of you give one or all of these a go and watch as your mood improves!