Top 10 Wackiest University Courses

Features Editor Alex Brunton-Reed’s top list on some of the more unusual degree options on offer…

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Ever wanted to study your favourite football star or learn more about Harry Potter’s latest adventures? Now you can, here’s my top list of the wackiest degree courses possible in the UK. Unfortunately (or thankfully) Exeter doesn’t feature…

Number One:

Although not strictly speaking based in the UK, (as it’s in Los Angeles) but open to UK students, Occidental College is offering an entire degree programme dedicated to the…yes…here it comes… PENIS. Called ‘Phallic Studies’, it’s for you guys out there wanting to learn a bit more about the cultural, historical and spiritual meanings surrounding your prized possession. The college also has a course entitled ‘Stupidity’…enough said.

Number Two:

The course is ‘Football Culture’…the module is ‘David Beckham’. For those of you wanting to study this true British icon, star footballer and philanthropist, Staffordshire University is running a module all about David Beckham as part of its’ 'Football Culture’ course. Headed by Professor Ellis Cashmore, the degree was slated by the media back in 2000 when it was first introduced. It’s still running strong, apparently.

Number Three:

Despite its high position in the league tables, Durham University is running a module entitled, ‘Harry Potter and the Age of Illusion’. The course aims ‘to place the phenomenon that is Harry Potter in its' social, cultural and educational context and understand some of the reasons for its popularity’. So for you Muggles out there wanting to get Dumbledored up North whilst learning about the phenomenon that is, Harry Potter, this one’s for you.

Number Four:

Reaseheath College is offering an MsC programme entitled, ‘Holistic Management and Natural Horsemanship’. Erm, okay!

Number Five:

One of my favourites owing to its pure randomness, Glasgow University is giving students the opportunity to enroll in a fully-funded doctoral studentship on the 'History of Lace Knitting in Shetland'. Running in partnership with Shetland Museum, the course aims to investigate the development and significance of the fine lace knitting industry in Shetland from the mid nineteenth to the early twentieth century. Weird.

Number Six:

Despite the name this one’s not exactly for you S&M lovers out there. Kings College London is running an MsC entitled ‘Pain’. The course deals with the very serious scientific study of pain and its debilitating effects. Pretty cool to have an MsC in 'Pain' on your CV I’d say!

Number Seven:

One of the best yet by far…an MsC in Meat Inspection at Leeds City College. Surely there can only be two answers – yay or nay?

Number Eight:

Our friends at Bath Spa University have come up with a fantastic course entitled ‘Food Nutrition and Music’. At a first glance it’s mesmerising to try and understand how the two actually link, but further investigation reveals that it’s a course aimed at looking at the various links in today's society today between food and music. For instance did you know Britain has a band playing instruments whittled entirely from a vegetable gardens produce? No? didn't think so.

Number Nine:

A course at Queens University Belfast entitled ‘Feel the Force: How to Train in the Jedi Way’ is aimed at students wanting to learn about the ‘real-life psychological techniques behind Jedi mind tricks’. Queens believes this course will promote personal development and communication skills, I think they’d have to throw in a Princess Leia and a  working light -sabre to get me interested.

Number Ten:

Last but not least, the University of Essex is running a course called ‘Wild Writing’, mainly focusing on science and the humanities as well as writing on the environment. I was expecting something more along the lines of handing your essay in inscribed on a piece of bark.