Important message to our readers

In Light of today’s events

Drop Exepose

After following the day’s antics and reflecting on them closely it seems there is an unhealthy relationship brewing between various societies and publications at the Guild and us at the Drop.

As the founder I have been happy to take a back seat and observe plenty of writers come to us and publish articles THEY want to publish in an impartial manner, giving everyone and anyone a free platform to speak.

I have been careful not to alienate ourselves from any Guild funded societies or publications as I think it's unhealthy both within the campus environment and for those wanting to experience both sides of journalism.

I am saddened that X-Media Online through Ben Jones piece (whether they support this view or not) have created a divide between us and themselves through publishing an article offending myself and my team. No grudges will be held and the actions of one person will not undermine the hard work of others.

Our response represents the inflamed views of the majority of our team, although I do not wish this to further aggravate tensions between us.

I reiterate the main point of our response which says how we are proud to be unofficial and independent. We believe this gives us an advantage in student journalism, the sole reason the Drop was started.

Whilst some articles may seem too "low-brow" for some of our critics, they are very popular with a huge proportion of the student population that you have alienated, and that is why we have found instant success.

I would like to make it clear that our door is open to any journalist, experienced or not, and our editors are more than happy to share their experience and accommodate the needs of anyone wanting to publish with us – and your articles will be read by thousands of people.

I ask everyone involved in today's heated debate to take a step back and realise that this argument will only alienate ALL OF US interested in producing student journalism, tabloid or otherwise, and realise many on the outside see this argument as somewhat pathetic and counter-productive.

Any further issues, complaints or questions I am happy to answer at